Summer Solstice Arrives

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aye Whuppity Scoorie !

From the website, one of the more obscure March 1st Holidays:

Whuppity Scoorie - 1st March

A rumbustious celebration by the young lads of Lanark. It is a relic of the days when making a lot of noise was believed to frighten away the evil spirits. Pennies supplied by money from the Common Good Fund was thrown and the children scrambled to pick it up. Balls of paper (or bonnets - a lot softer!) tied with string were used by the participants to strike one another.

And of course I just couldn't resist the name of this late Winter/early Spring festival.

Sounds much more rambunctious than the observances of the Crymu folks celebrating St. David's Day--Patron saint of Wales. But then leeks and daffodils are also harbingers of Spring as well.



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