Summer Solstice Arrives

Monday, July 16, 2012

What happened at Peace Hour...

I was about 45 minutes into my Peace Hour when our cat Daphne decided she had enough of the music...climbed in my lap and then started washing my beard. I continued to play one-handed. I played, among other pieces, the Irish Lament entitled "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye" about what war does to those who undergo conflict. The last verse, not often sung, is the most moving:
"They are rolling out the guns again, haroo, haroo,
They are rolling out the guns again, haroo, haroo,
But they never shall take our sons agin,
Ach, Johnny, I'm swearin' to ye!

With prayers that all men and women can come home from the wars and peace may come to us.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Peace Hour

Today is the Peace Hour organized by Harpists for Peace and I will join hundreds of other harpers around the world who are playing with the prayer and intention of letting music help heal our wounded world.
This had become an annual event with all harpers invited to play at a time of their own choosing. To know that harp music is flowing from harps around the world lifts my heart and I hope it will brintg comfort to you as well.

Blessings of Peace and Music to you.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New additions

1. I am adding links to two sites by Peggy Coats that I just discovered.  The first one is at and although I have just begun to explore it, I find it a rich treasure trove for harpers. Go and look!
The second one can be found at Liminal Harp. I think the Dorveille is her more current site, but I love the list of links on Liminal...not to mention the well written of her journey to the harp.
2. I have added a few more tunes to the playlist...I like how the tunes are from Youtube so you can watch as well as listen, but the only drawback to using MixPod is that every time I add a new tune or two, the code has to be rewritten and reposted. Small price to pay I guess for such lovely music.

May the Harp bring you Peace,


The Harp that sings in the hospital.

When I was making my music minister rounds in the hospital yesterday, I noticed that when I walk down certain hallways and corriders, my small lap harp begins to "sing" in my hand along with vibrations. Although I am sure this is due only to machinery and or heating and cooling systems creating a sympathetic resonance in the harp, I love the feel of the harp singing on it's own. And brings to mind the concept of the "Music of the Spheres" with the reality that we are all connected on a deep level. (Quantum physics has proved that!).