Summer Solstice Arrives

Monday, July 16, 2012

What happened at Peace Hour...

I was about 45 minutes into my Peace Hour when our cat Daphne decided she had enough of the music...climbed in my lap and then started washing my beard. I continued to play one-handed. I played, among other pieces, the Irish Lament entitled "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye" about what war does to those who undergo conflict. The last verse, not often sung, is the most moving:
"They are rolling out the guns again, haroo, haroo,
They are rolling out the guns again, haroo, haroo,
But they never shall take our sons agin,
Ach, Johnny, I'm swearin' to ye!

With prayers that all men and women can come home from the wars and peace may come to us.


  1. Hey Duncan, Just popped over from Carl McColman's blog. Absolutely love your music!
    Thanks for sharing your gifts Duncan!

    1. Hi Bob,
      Thank you for visiting...and mea cupla in so long in replying. I must, must check my blog more often.
      I have been busy with chores and playing at the hospital and not blogging.
      Hope you will still visit--will be adding a post now and then.