Summer Solstice Arrives

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New additions

1. I am adding links to two sites by Peggy Coats that I just discovered.  The first one is at and although I have just begun to explore it, I find it a rich treasure trove for harpers. Go and look!
The second one can be found at Liminal Harp. I think the Dorveille is her more current site, but I love the list of links on Liminal...not to mention the well written of her journey to the harp.
2. I have added a few more tunes to the playlist...I like how the tunes are from Youtube so you can watch as well as listen, but the only drawback to using MixPod is that every time I add a new tune or two, the code has to be rewritten and reposted. Small price to pay I guess for such lovely music.

May the Harp bring you Peace,


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