Summer Solstice Arrives

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Harp at the Hospital

This last Thursday I played at the hospital again and it just gets more rewarding. In additiona to playing the usual wards and rounds that I play, I had an invitation from one of the recreational therapists on the locked mental health unit to play for one of their groups.
It was a most memorable occasion--the patients were open and responsive to the music, the recreational therapists supportive, and I felt that I was helping with therapy again.
I do not regret retiring from the unit, but I have missed working with the staff and I felt that I had come back home in a way.
Looking forward to more groups and seeing how we can have music be part of the healing process with this population who have so many struggles.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Beltane and May Day

A wonderful poem for today that I found on the Stonewylde website, and it was written by Claire who runs the Where the Wild Roses Grow website ( Her shop is a delight to visit, be sure to check out the Green Man Torc Bangle-- I WANT ONE!
I hesitated posting this poem until I received permission from Claire, but I feel it's right to post today and apologize later as need be.

We Gather The May …..

I sleep in the Whitewood in the dark of the year
With snow for a pillow and ice as my bier
And I dream of my Lord who sleeps with the dead
And waits for my touch when the darkness has fled

I sleep in the Whitewood with the dark and the dead
With frost as my blanket and snow for a bed 
And I dream of my Queen who will raise me each year
At the turn of the earth  from my wintery bier

I stir in the Greenwood at the turn of the earth
I unfurl from the dark as the light gives me birth
I reach to the sun and blossom the bough
Mosses and ferns are my coverings now

I stir in the Greenwood at the touch of her hand
Hear her whispers in breezes see her smile on the land
She showers her promise in soft petals of thorn
And here again once again, new, I am born

We dance in the Greenwood all crown-ed in Leaves
And we bind us anew with the garlands we weave
We spin through the forest by night and by day
And here in the Wildwood we gather the May

We dance in the Greenwood all garlanded green
And bind fast our bright hearts I and my Queen
And here in the Wildwood as we gather the May
Dark becomes Light as Night becomes Day

Then, as in mosses and ferns we lay us to rest
I gather him close to the warmth of my breast
And in showers of petals from the Oak Ash and Thorn
Once again here again the Light is re-born.

May the day bring you Joy and matter what the weather!