Summer Solstice Arrives

Friday, October 16, 2009

Harps on an Island--Updated

Stella is in this left photo, Tina in the two below.

On Saturday, 10 October, I attended a presentation by Tina Tourin, founder of the International Harp Therapy Program, on Lummi Island. Along with Tina was Stella Benson, founder of the International Musician's Healing program.
Stella opened the afternoon event with some lovely harping and songs, then Tina both played and shared information about the history of the harp, what healing powers it can bring to the bedside of

those who are ill, and some delightful music.
That night, Stella shared her story of becoming enchanted by the harp and becoming both a teacher and a harp therapist. Tina continued with more information about how the harp can be used in a healing modality when she spoke to a group of attendees at the Jern's Chapel in Bellingham.

For me, it was a day to re-connect with friends, listen to harp music, and

most of all-reconnect to my inner soul of being a harper. And to realize that I need to practice, practice, practice...and to connect more regularly with harpers.

May the harp always bring you peace,


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