Summer Solstice Arrives

Monday, May 17, 2010

Garden Music

Finally got the support up for the raspberries bushes--above picture. 

As I have been working in the garden, one of the composers I have been listening to has been Bantock: a Scottish composer of the late 19th C. who wrote some wonderful music and utilized harps in much of his work. At times energizing and at times soothing, perfect music for the rhythms of gardening.

Got the main work done, now have pumpkins, cucumber, corn, tomatoes, lettuce all planted with a second attempt at some rhubarb to be done in next day or so.

Have been working on the Scottish tune Huntingtone Castle which is delightful and I want to add it to my repertoire. Hoping the night shift will allow me some time to play the harp again...been busy the last rotation.

Some pictures of the garden...and look for 2 Greenmen above the main garden!

Two of the raised beds with lettuce, chives, garlic and sage starting up again. 

Each year a bit more...and always changes...the lure of the garden.

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