Summer Solstice Arrives

Monday, September 3, 2012

Improv at the Hospital

Last week I was into about my third hour of the rounds as a music minister and as I began to play a tune, I found that I had not only forgotten some of the notes, but I was totally not making any musical sense of the tune--and was starting to jumble at least two together.
I gritted my teeth and tried to recover, but soon realized that it was hopeless and I didn't want to inflict any further musical pain on the staff and patients.
I took a deep breath, stopped and was rewarded by several listeners thanking me for "such beautiful music".
I was rather flabbergasted, but there and then decided to relax and let some music flow and I was so delighted to find music that was music flowing from the harp.
It's been very important for me to be sure and bring music that I hope and pray will offer healing and comfort on my rounds, and until now was not willing to step outside the musical harp box. So glad I did...and I will be doing so some more!

Blessings of music and peace to you all.

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