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Saturday, December 1, 2012

White Friday information

Joanna Mell, a well known harpist and healer, has created WHITE FRIDAY for the 21st of December as a way to honor (in her words from the Harplist):
" I wanted to start an annual tradition on the Friday before Christmas to bring LIGHT into the darkness that fills the world right now. Black Friday celebrates all that is wrong - greed, selfishness, materialism, violence, consumerism and worship of the accumulation of unnecessary junk. WHITE FRIDAY will celebrate all that is right and good - giving, selflessness, peace and love.  So, harper/harpist, think about playing a peaceful concert in a public place - or in the warmth of your home or studio. Light a candle. Harp music goes a long way to bring cheer and warmth into others' lives."

This is an absolutely wonderful idea and I plan to  play on W.F. in the spirit of what Joanna is helping to create and I invite all other harpers and non-harpers to spend a bit of time either playing or lighting that candle and remembering those who need our love and our compassion--especially in the dark days of winter.

And sorry for the lack of music on the site, Mixpod has folded and I am looking for another good online application for my blog.

Stay warm,
Blessings to all,

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  1. A very spiritual and charming choice! Count on me!
    Will you pleace allow me to repost the news with credits to yours?...
    It will be awesome to spread the news amongst my readers!
    keep up the sacred flame through harping as always...
    Peace and Much Light