Summer Solstice Arrives

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A New Year, new developments.

Last fall found me both very busy at the hospital as we moved into a new Spiritual Care office and welcoming Jo Philpot to the Harp team for our third Music Minister.
Jo was trained by Tina Tourin and is a most gracious and talented harp therapist.

And of course there was the requests for Yule/Christmas/Advent services both within and without the hospital.

I am now part of a Death Midwifery service called A Sacred Passing based her in Bellingham providing services to assist individuals in a more natural way of dying. Honoring their choices, supporting them dying at home or hospice with respect to a death plan that they have developed for their own transitus/dying. Their Facebook page is here:

For me, it's a continuation of the work I have done in being with souls in the their hospital stays as they come closer to death, as well as my connections with the field of Music Thanatology.

The service is just beginning, but I believe we will be busy as the word goes about what we can offer.