Summer Solstice Arrives

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I will not be attending the Soldier's Retreat this weekend after all. I have been having pain in right leg off and on for four months and night before last at work, it became much worse. 
I have sadness and regret at missing the Soldier's Retreat this weekend since Dr. Ed Tick who has written War and the Soul, is doing such healing work for our veterans. 
Hopefully I will be able to attend another one in the future, but I had so looked forward to being part of this healing experience.
However, life is uncertain and learning that seems to be a continual lesson. (At least for me..). 

For those interested, here again is the link to Soldier's Heart:

I have been informed by those who have had to deal with it, that I might have a bulging disk (or disks) that is causing such pain and occasional "crippling". Will see what the doctor says and go from there. 



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