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Monday, May 4, 2009

Belated Beltane Post

Between a bit of computer problems and this and that, missed getting this posted in a timely fashion. 

Beltaine is one of my favorite Celtic/Pagan holidays--filled with the hope of renewal, color, scents of the awakening earth and gardens to savor and enjoy. One of the best descriptions I have read recently of Beltaine comes from Kit Berry and her wondeful online pagan community which can be found at: 

The symbol of Beltane is the ancient Green Man, to be found all over the country in the most unlikely of places. Many churches have a green man hidden in ceiling bosses or peering down from a dark corner. When Christianity superceded paganism in Europe, the image of the Green Man was impossible to eradicate as it represented such a powerful force - that of virility and growth. Despite edicts from the authorities, local stonemasons, builders and craftsmen felt it necessary to include the Green Man somewhere in the building, although often tucked away in secret.

And speaking of the Green Man, the lovely image at the beginning of the post was done by Helixtree--Kit Berry's sister. 



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