Summer Solstice Arrives

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah Gardening!

A wonderfully warm day and I was out at 6:30am to water the plants which went into the superb raised garden bed containers yesterday. Our friend Kerry who runs the Green Man gardening service (of course) constructed them out of treated Cedar and should last for many years.


Of course, Bianca came out to enjoy the warm sun and explore as cats love to do.

In the North east corner of our yard, I transplanted a couple of red raspberries suckers and put in pumpkins and squash. This area gets a fair amount of sun over the spring/summer months and I hope the pumpkins/squash will do well. I know the raspberries will as they are certainly thriving. 

In spite of the very long and cold winter we had, the raspberries in the wooden tub have shown no sign of harm and some are already starting to show flowers. Plan to plant some more strawberry starts in the garden planters tomorrow. 


I have begun using a Celtic Psalter written by J. Philip Newell (Sounds of the Eternal A Celtic Psalter)which, while following the traditional pattern of Morning and Evening Prayers, illustrates the Celtic Psalter with illuminations from Jewish illuminated manuscripts--a nice blending of two ancient spiritualities which honored the creation and the earth which sustains us. 

On the page for each day of the week for Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession is the wonderful phrase: "Pray for the coming day and for the life of the world."

The world certainly needs our prayers....and our actions to help heal and preserve the life of the world. And a garden is a great place to start.



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