Summer Solstice Arrives

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Essential Harp Site!

Having gotten a reminder from Dusty Strings about their annual and not to be missed Folk Harp Symposium this coming November 6-8, I realized that I did not have a link to them on my blog....mea culpa!
They are a premier builder of not only Harps, but hammered dulcimers as well and their shop is a magical and wondrous place to visit.
Take your pocket book and be prepared to take out a second mortgage before you leave--but you won't regret it. (In the interest of public disclosure, I do not receive any monetary compensation for this suggest to you--I just know and love these folks for many a year).

Go and surround yourself with harps and harp miscellany.

Harp and be well,


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