Summer Solstice Arrives

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quotes for the New Year...

Ah, how the universe offers hope! After writing of the changes and worries about our jobs at the hospital, I found these two sayings/quotes when I opened two of my calendars for the month of November.
The first comes from the wonderful Celtic Mandala Datebook by Jen Delyth:
As it was,
As it is,
As it shall be
O Thou Triune
of Grace!
With the ebb,
With flow,
O thou Triune
of grace!
With the ebb,
With the flow.

Old Scottish Blessing in the Carmina Gadelica.

The second one comes from the Perennial Grace calendar for November:
There is no better
than the heart
reaching down
and lifting people up.

John Andrew Holmer

So let's remember those in need for the coming year and with hope and grace, exercise our hearts!



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