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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Harping in the Hospital---a circle comes round...

This morning after a night shift on the new psychiatric ward at St. Joseph's Hospital here in Bellingham, I took my harp and headed off for the Childbirth Center to play.
This was a special place for me when I was a volunteer with the Spiritual Care Department at the Hospital from 1998 through 2001--I found it especially delightful to be able to bring music to a place of birthing and the start of new life. I was also fortunate enough to spend many hours harping in the Neo-natal unit for premature and at risk infants.
As I have previously written in this blog, I have been harping at the hospital on the old voluntary psychiatric unit which closed at the end of June for our move to the main campus and the new ward. And I was able to play on  another locked psychiatric unit for the seven years before making the move to St. Jo's five years ago.
But as I played this morning, I realized that a circle had come full round for me...just to play as a harper with only the intention of allowing music to flow out and around to hopefully bring ease and delight to those near by.
Most definitely looking forward to harping again in other units of the hospital....

May your harps always be in tune and your music bring delight!


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