Summer Solstice Arrives

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time gets awa'

Cannot believe it's so long since my last post. Been busy with my recovery from the surgery--now can walk up to 2+ miles every few days and even more important I am back into the garden at least for a few minutes most days.
Had a harp string break yesterday, but to my delight I was able to re-string the harp in record time (at least for me), a matter of minutes rather than hours.
Having fun working on a new piece of music: A Scots Tune from Jane Pickerings Lute Book of 1616. I think it will be good to bring to the hospital. And speaking of such, I am going to be having coffee with the Gail P. who is now playing Harp music as a volunteer with the Spiritual Care department--looking forward to meeting with her and discussing music for the hospital.
I am looking forward to returning as a harper there, but I am learning that I must take each day as it comes and work live for today, know that in so doing I will eventually be back doing what I love
By the way, discovered a fun harp site to explore: Dagdas Harps--in the U.K. of all places. Must talk with Scotty so I can beam over there...would love to spend an afternoon browsing and drooling over their harps.

Blessings to you all,


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