Summer Solstice Arrives

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aye, Time again to Wassail the Apple Trees

This being the 17 of January and the day Twelfth Night was celebrated under the old calendar in England, the good pagan/heathen/Celtic custom (among others) of Wassailing the Apple trees was in order. To borrow freely from the great British Life and Culture of the Woodlands Junior School in UK, "Apple tree wassailing is a ceremony which involves drinking to the health of the apple trees" and to ask the Lord of the Orchard (my conjecture from the GreenMan's perspective) to help with a bountiful harvest.
Not to mention a great excuse to have a wee nip or two to keep warm in the days before central heating!
Go visit the Woodlands Junior School site...there is a great deal of delightful information and a great way to honor our ancestral past.



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