Summer Solstice Arrives

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Wintery Morn

The day here promises to be again mostly crystal clear with more sun than we have seen for awhile. And as I have been rejoicing in the better weather and also thinking about the anniversary birthday of Robert Burns this coming Sunday, I was reminded of one of my favorite Scottish painters of the last century--Joseph Farquharson (1846 - 1935), who painted wonderful landscapes of Scotland.
Among his most well known are those of Winter landscapes, and his evocations of the chill landscapes are bone chilling.
As I have written earlier, my mum's ancestors were from the Scottish highland's on her dad's side and having walked some of these highland hills during better weather, I can well imagine the strength and dedication required of those who, without modern amenities, had to care for the land and the livestock.

By the way, according to my copy of "The Herbal Almanac" written by Linda Ours Rago, this 21st day of January is St. Agnes Day, patron saint of young girls and 'twas a day for maids to acquire sweethearts by following various customs including fasting and special prayers at night for a true love.

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