Summer Solstice Arrives

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year's Surprise...

When I went into work at the hospital last night, there was (unexpectedly) half an inch of a snow/slush mix on the ground with a light snow mist falling. So I took the four wheel drive and carefully drove to work.
The real surprise came when I drove home this morning, into a light bit of snow on the freeway, but much more in Ferndale. I crept up the hill to home where a winter wonderland has materialized. A perfect picture postcard.
So the first New Year's resolution is to learn how to use the small digital camera we have so I can post photos in a much more timely fashion.

Of course the birds took priority...filled the feeders, put more suet out and the bird mob scene promptly ensued. Such delicate creatures, I worry how they will survive the winter...and bless them for the delight to the eyes and ears they give to us, season in and season out.

Happy New Year and wishes for a more blessed year to come to us all.


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